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RexMLS – Real Estate and the BlockChain

From a most young age, Stephen King learned that the real estate doings is a complicated beast. At five, he was already on construction sites with his architect-engineer- developer sire, watching all the moving parts. Since that time, he’s wondered if there was an weaker, faster way to do business—online, and with computers.

Fast forward to 2012. Sovereign was working at his father’s firm. And they had a problem. “We were paying involving $10,000 a year for real estate data.” Again, King considered the alternatives, scraped some facts, and came up with a few bootstrap—and sort of illegal—solutions. In the end, he got to talking close to BlockChain technology with his now-co- founder, Russell McLearnen.

The be situated is history; RexMLS was born. Hit play to hear what happens next in RexMLS’s release.

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