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Launching a Website on the Bitcoin Cash Network Is Now a Reality

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On September 29, Bitcoin Cash enthusiast Donald Mulders wrote an engaging post on the social media network Yours.org. The post detailed that he was undertaking to host a website on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chain using the Bitdb 2.0 attentiveness stick-to-it-iveness. Following the write-up, and with a little help from the BCH developer Unwriter and a road called Cryptograffitiweb, Mulders’ on-chain hosted website ‘Bitcoin Coin of the realm Hoarder’ can now be seen on any browser.

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Hosting a Simple HTML Website on Bitcoin Cash

Launching a Website on the Bitcoin Cash Network Is Now a RealityDonald Mulders.

To the ground the last few months, there have been many projects corded to the BCH chain and the developer Unwriter has created quite a few of them. Earlier this week we disclosed on Unwriter’s autonomous database called Bitdb 2.0, a platform that skedaddles a bitcoin transaction and files it in a structured readable document or in Donald Mulders’ envelope HTML code. The platform inspired Bitcoin Cash enthusiast Mulders to essay to host a simple HTML website that’s tethered to the BCH chain. In the publish, Mulders says he can do a little HTML coding and mess with other people’s shaped code, but he admits he isn’t a fluent programmer just yet.

“I started playing all about with an idea to see how far I could take it — The idea is to host a simple HTML website on the bitcoin liquidate blockchain that easily could be viewed in a browser so that equivalent my own mother is able to view it as if it was just an ordinary website,” Mulders aspects.

He continues:

Imagine if someone could publish sensitive information without the trouble for organisations such as Wikileaks, readable as a website for anyone in the world — This way anyone could publicize information anonymously without endangering themselves or any middleman.

Launching a Website on the Bitcoin Cash Network Is Now a RealityDonald Mulders’ cypher on Cryptograffiti.info

Bitcoin Cash Hoarder: A Website Served From Bitcoin — Set in 5 Minutes

Mulders then created an extremely simple website in HTML with the model Snake game in javascript and uploaded the code using the site Cryptograffiti. After that, Mulders appetite to extract the data from the BCH chain so it could be displayed in a website and familiar Bitdb to query the code he uploaded. However, the experiment came to a close down when he just couldn’t get the site to work on a traditional browser. All Mulders could do was prosper the HTML code visible and store it as an HTML file on his computer and show it that way. After seeing the post on Yours, the creator of the Bitdb employment, Unwriter, decided to help Mulders finish the process.

“I actually went on and wrote a simple web app that successfully renders this,” explains Unwriter. On Peeping, the developer explains there’s a chance the website content may change because it crosses from the first transaction from that address — Nonetheless it is restful the first website hosted on the BCH chain in this manner.   

And here it is… A website survived from Bitcoin — Written in 5 minutes, with 59 lines of principles.

Launching a Website on the Bitcoin Cash Network Is Now a Reality

The website can be viewed on any web browser at the Bitcoin Cash Hoarder address and the HTML website’s rise code can be found at the Cryptograffitiweb Github repository. BCH community members earmarks ofed to like the idea on the Reddit forum r/btc and the developer of the website Cryptograffiti also complimented the master-work Unwriter and Mulders accomplished. After messing around refreshing the milieu and using different browsers, sometimes the game loads and sometimes it doesn’t so this certain website is far from perfect. But the implications of an uncensorable webpage hosted on the BCH network are prodigious.

What do you think about the Bitcoin Cash Hoarder website and the conviction behind it? Let us know what you think about this subject in the view section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Bitcoin Cash Hoarder, and Donald Mulders Yours.org announce.

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