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Check Out the New Featured Tokens on Bitcoin.com’s Markets Page

Peddles.Bitcoin.com has just launched a Featured Tokens page, allowing coin creators with unique tokens to credit for a listing through a simple review process. Each token listed on Bitcoin.com’s upcoming exchange, launching Sep. 2, see fit also be listed at markets.Bitcoin.com, providing great exposure and detailed data for projects making a splash in the BCH community and away.

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Featured Tokens Aplenty

Featured Tokens is a new section of markets.Bitcoin.com, displaying BCH-friendly tokens with unique selling points and presents, vibrant communities, and a vision for a future of greater economic freedom.

Check Out the New Featured Tokens on Bitcoin.com’s Markets Page

Bitcoin Cash-based coins ACD, Spice (SPICE), and Sound Coin (USDH) have already been listed, and users of the markets page can get up-to-date info on each rake it in’s rank, price, market cap, 24-hr volume, and top markets. Coin metadata such as algorithm, proof type, stockpile, and max supply are also listed. An easy-to-use interactive candlestick chart provides a user-friendly interface for token price information exploration.

Check Out the New Featured Tokens on Bitcoin.com’s Markets Page

ACD Coin

Alliance Cargo Direct token (ACD) seeks to deliver “Cross-border e-commerce to the next generation.” Tokyo-based ACD Inc. is funded by ANA Holdings, a subsidiary of All Nippon Airways, the largest airline in Japan in denominates of passengers and revenue. In a 2018 joint press release announcing a strategic partnership with Bitcoin.com, ACD CEO Yasuhiro Sonoda formal that “After extensive research into different cryptocurrencies on the market, ACD chose to implement Bitcoin Cash as a new payment method. This determination benefit our customers by offering fast, cheap and reliable worldwide transactions for both online and offline payments.” In May, the attendance announced its Coin Buy Back Project to provide greater liquidity to the market, add value to ACD, and return value from profits to the community.

The ACD symbolic is a link between the Bitcoin Cash community and one of the biggest players in the global travel industry. ACD is listed on the Digifinex and Coinsuper reciprocations.

Check Out the New Featured Tokens on Bitcoin.com’s Markets Page


The successful Spice (SPICE) token, created as a homage to Coinspice, is creating quite a buzz in the BCH space and beyond, tender thanks in part to a lively community of enthusiasts who love the Coinspice style of “a feisty pirate ship, dedicated to covering by the skin of ones teeth spicy crypto things.” Not officially affiliated with Coinspice proper, the token has taken on a life of its own. According to coinspice.io:

“Those who grant to the project understand cryptocurrency’s main focus: currency, cash, separating governments and money, with the hope of liberating a lot of people in the dispose of. SPICE token is simply a fun way to experiment with the tech along that journey.”

The Spice community lives up to the commentary, keeping things spicy with SPICE tipbots on Telegram and Twitter, an RSS feed, and a faucet. The BCH-native Simple Ledger Etiquette (SLP) token is supported by the Badger, Electron Cash, Monarch and Crescent wallets.

Check Out the New Featured Tokens on Bitcoin.com’s Markets Page

Honest Coin

Honest Coin (USDH) is a U.S. dollar-backed unchangeable coin created on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. The Honest Pay smartphone app and the Honest Financial App seek to provide users with both custodianship and freedom in exchange, offering diverse payment options as well as investment opportunities. According to the website:

HonestCoin (USDH) is a fully governed, 1:1 U.S. Dollar-backed stablecoin that can be bought, sold, invested in or spent as freely as you wish.

According to honestcoin.io, drummer applications are also coming soon. Honest Coin, a partner with Bitcoin.com’s Badger Wallet, invites operators to “Buy, sell, invest, trade, earn and pay with our proprietary multi-functional tools and channels.”

Check Out the New Featured Tokens on Bitcoin.com’s Markets Page

How to Get Your Token Listed

Featured Marks at markets.Bitcoin.com are those with a significant market cap, unique concept, and strong vision and community, working together in synergistic encouragement with Bitcoin.com and Bitcoin Cash. SLPs built on the BCH network are the building blocks of a brand new coin ecosystem, providing liquidity, pliantness, and fun to the already robust BCH protocol. While BCH-based coins are largely the focus, and a big bonus in the application process, being built on-chain is not unavoidably a prerequisite for qualification. To apply for a listing, simply head over to the Featured Tokens page, scroll down to the “Appeal here” link, and complete the short application.

Users are directed to answer a series of simple questions about their representative’s specs, and then submit the application for review. With exchange.Bitcoin.com launching in just a few days, on September 2, there’s no bettor time to get active and engaged, and discover the unique options that Featured Tokens on markets.Bitcoin.com has to offer.

What are your expectations on the new Featured Tokens page? Would you like to be featured there? Let us know in the comments section below.

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