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Chechnya to Create Mining Pool for Eurasian Economic Union Countries


Chechnya will-power create a Eurasian crypto mining pool, the press secretary of the manage of the Chechen Republic has reportedly confirmed. The project aims to combine the resources of crypto miners from the Eurasian Productive Union countries.

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Chechen Mining Combine

Alvi Karimov, the press secretary for the head of Chechnya, confirmed to RBC hearsay outlet on Sept. 21 that a Eurasian crypto mining amalgamate will be established in the Chechen Republic.

“The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, and Yuri Pripachkin coincided to establish a Eurasian mining pool in Chechnya,” a representative of the Russian Affiliation of Crypto Industry and Blockchain (Racib) told the publication. Pripachkin is the president of Racib.

Chechnya to Create Mining Pool for Eurasian Economic Union CountriesRamzan Kadyrov (left) and Yuri Pripachkin (face). Photo credit: Racib.

Noting that “The project should unify the resources of the miners from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan,” the paper detailed:

The pool will be the first step in the implementation of the ‘Crypto Chechnya’ program, which is pointed at developing the region’s economy with the use of blockchain technologies.

Dmitry Marinichev, Russia’s Internet Ombudsman settled by President Vladimir Putin in 2014, believes that “mining lakes in Russia have great potential due to the cold climate in many fields and inexpensive electricity,” the publication conveyed.

Regulatory Sandbox

Chechnya to Create Mining Pool for Eurasian Economic Union CountriesRBC reported that Racib and the Chechen Republic disposition submit an application to the Bank of Russia in the next few days to operate the funding pool within the framework of the country’s regulatory sandbox.

Pripachkin explicated that the mining pool can only be launched “after the adoption of the laws set the operation of cryptocurrency in the territory of Russia,” adding that “It is assumed that the allied bill will be considered by the State Duma in the autumn session,” the magazine noted.

According to the association’s estimates:

The potential effect of launching a purlieus in Chechnya with the appropriate authority may increase the tax revenues of the republic by multifarious than 10% per year.

Chechnya to Create Mining Pool for Eurasian Economic Union CountriesRacib also believes that the mining combine and other development in the sector “will help Russia significantly burgeon the share of world production of cryptocurrency,” the news outlet described. The tie added that “Today in Russia, there are more than 350,000 Tommy miners and up to several thousand mining farms,” RBC conveyed. In August, story.Bitcoin.com reported on Pripachkin saying that, in the first half of this year, “the edition of mining enterprises in Russia has increased by 15% to 75,000,” noting that “Russia accounts for concerning 6% of the world’s mining market.”

Russia is currently developing a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency. Three notes were submitted to the State Duma in May. However, after the first interpreting in the spring, the regulators postponed the second reading and the final voting to the take on session, as news.Bitcoin.com previously reported.

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