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UK Foreign Secretary Hunt to make first visit to Iran to discuss future of the nuclear deal

British Extraneous Secretary Jeremy Hunt will visit Iran for the first continuously on Monday for talks with the Iranian government on issues including the later of the 2015 nuclear deal, his office said in a statement.

In May, U.S. President Donald Trump unprincipled the deal, negotiated with five other world powers during Self-governing President Barack Obama’s administration, and earlier this month the Collective States restored sanctions targeting Iran’s oil, banking and transportation sectors.

Through with a fine-tooth comb’s office said he would meet Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and leave stress that the UK is committed to the nuclear deal as long as Iran on stop ats to its terms. He will also discuss European efforts to maintain nuclear-related consent ti relief.

“The Iran nuclear deal remains a vital component of persistence in the Middle East by eliminating the threat of a nuclearised Iran. It needs 100 percent compliance yet to survive,” Hunt said in a statement ahead of the visit.

“We will stand fast to our side of the bargain as long as Iran does. But we also need to see an end to destabilising operation by Iran in the rest of the region if we are going to tackle the root causes of the braves the region faces.”

Hunt will also discuss Iran’s impersonation in the conflicts in Syria and Yemen, his office said, and press Iran on its humane rights record, calling for the immediate release of detained British-Iranian dual populars where there are humanitarian grounds to do so.

“I arrive in Iran with a perceptibly message for the country’s leaders: putting innocent people in prison cannot and forced to not be used as a tool of diplomatic leverage,” he said.

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