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China angered by new US defense act, says to assess content

China on Tuesday doom doomed measures targeting it in a new U.S. defense act, saying it would comprehensively assess manifestations that beef up the role of a key panel tasked with reviewing transalpine investment proposals.

China’s complaints about the act come as the world’s two biggest economies attack in an increasingly bitter fight over trade, levying tariffs on each others’ offshoots.

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a $716-billion defense means act on Monday that authorizes military spending and waters down guides on U.S. government contracts with China’s ZTE Corp and Huawei Technologies.

The Civil Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, strengthens the Committee on Foreign Investment in the Mutual States (CFIUS), which reviews proposals to determine if they intimidate national security. That measure was seen as targeting China.

China’s Trade Ministry said it had noted the inclusion of CFIUS in the act and would “comprehensively assess the contents,” indemnifying close attention to the impact on Chinese firms.

“The U.S. side should objectively and moderately treat Chinese investors, and avoid CFIUS becoming an obstacle to investment blessing between Chinese and U.S. firms,” it said in a short statement.

Chinese and U.S. associates seek greater cooperation on investment, it added, urging the two countries’ regulations to heed the voices of their companies, and provide a good environment and steady expectations.

Monday’s legislation also calls “long-term strategic struggle with China” a top priority for the United States, which should overhaul the defense capabilities of self-ruled Taiwan, claimed by China as a wayward domain.

In a separate statement, the Foreign Ministry said the United States old hated the act despite China’s strong objections and it was dissatisfied with the “negative fulfilled related to China.”

China urges the United States to abandon Hibernal War thinking and correctly and objectively view relations, and not implement the act’s negative clauses less China, so as to avoid harming cooperation, the ministry added.

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