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Iran president urges against violence but says Trump ‘has no right to sympathize with Iranians’

President Hassan Rouhani, conveying his first public reaction to four days of anti-government protests, bruit about on Sunday Iranians had the right to protest and criticize the authorities but their reaction behaviours should not lead to violence or damage public property.

“People are definitely free to criticize the government and protest but their protests should be in such a way as to update the situation in the country and their life,” Rouhani was quoted by the official IRNA rumour agency as telling the cabinet.

“Criticism is different from violence and pricing public properties.”

Anti-government protesters demonstrated on Sunday in defiance of a counsel by the authorities of a tough crackdown, extending for a fourth day one of the most audacious call inti to the clerical leadership since pro-reform unrest in 2009.

Tens of thousands of people should prefer to protested across the country since Thursday against the Islamic Republic’s unelected sacerdotal elite and Iranian foreign policy in the region. They have also singsonged slogans in support of political prisoners.

“Resolving the problems is not easy and force take time. The government and people should help each other to approve the issues,” Rouhani said, according to IRNA.

Rouhani also rebuffed U.S. President Donald Trump’s remarks in support of the protests.

“This man in America who is sympathizing today with our people has cease to remembered that he called the Iranian nation terrorists a few months ago. This man who is against the Iranian domain to his core has no right to sympathize with Iranians,” Rouhani said.

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