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Why my $60 planner is completely worth the money

This planner is fun. It distinguishes me happy to open it, which makes me actually want to use it, which contemplates I’m not letting plans or details fall through the cracks. I’ve tried some electronic calendars over the years and all of them are cold and utilitarian, which give overs me less than enthused to open them on a daily basis.

Because I’m not the inventive type of person who wants to decorate each page herself, I crave the colorful layout and pre-written inspirational exemplifies that greet me whenever I need to jot something down. It might earmarks of cheesy, but it’s a huge plus.

LifePlanners come with one of three weekly layouts, all with divers levels of detail. For the past three years, I’ve chosen the layout that be crushes down each day into 30-minute increments. The extreme level of itemize allows me to visually process how busy I’ll be each day and plan accordingly. The planners I adapted to previously only had one blank box per day, which didn’t provide the level of make-up I wanted.

In addition to the weekly and monthly overviews, the LifePlanner also columns pages for goal-setting, to-do lists, important dates and taking notes. I not at most know where and when I’m meeting a friend for lunch on Saturday, but I can also nourish track of how many books I’ve read this year and what I necessary to buy on my next grocery run all in one place.

Most importantly, finding a planner that guides for me — no matter the price — was crucial because physically taking the time to detract things down forces me to remember everything. Typing plans into an electronic chronicle has never had the same effect of helping me commit details to memory.

Using wrapping paper also allows me to visualize my days, weeks and months as I plan them, which back away froms me a sense of control over my schedule. It keeps me from feeling confused because I can reference everything in one place.

I know this particular planner isn’t ideal for everyone’s needs, but it’s been a lifesaver for me. And when it comes to investing in something that desire make my new year more organized and less stressful, it’s worth every penny.

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