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Return to Santa: Consumers are sending more than a million packages a day back to retailers, says UPS

The vocation of unwanted gifts is booming. Just ask United Parcel Service.

UPS fellows have been shipping more than 1 million packages a day repayment to retailers this month, according to the delivery giant.

UPS on Wednesday imagined it expects customers to return a record 1.4 million packages on Jan. 3, an 8 percent boost from a year earlier. The company calls that day “National Home-coming reciprocities Day.” Returns generally peak in January.

The boom in returns is part of the headlong growth in online shopping. Consumers will return about $90 billion importance of goods over the holiday season, according to Optoro, a logistics technology flock that specializes in returns. UPS invested in Optoro last year.

The fashion is good news for both UPS and FedEx, which stand to gain from not legitimate the surge in online shopping but handling packages that are sent bankroll b reverse.

UPS estimates it will have delivered 750 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve of this year, 40 million varied than the same period in 2016.

FedEx told CNBC on Wednesday that it posted a record-breaking event delivery season but data on returns was not immediately available.

Consumers have on the agenda c trick come to expect generous and user-friendly returns policies from retailers, who instances foot the bill for getting the goods back to warehouses or stores.

January pock-marks the peak of returns, accounting for just over half the number each year, according to Optoro, but myriad consumers waste little time in returning their unwanted ingredients right after Christmas. Dec. 26 through Dec. 31 accounts for 40 percent of benefits.

UPS said 5.8 million packages were shipped back to retailers in the victory full week of January this year.

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