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Pompeo is ‘confident’ that Americans would invest in North Korea — given the right conditions

Secretary of Aver Mike Pompeo said on Monday that Americans would instal in North Korea if the hermit kingdom opened its doors to private investment.

“I am self-possessed there are Americans who would want to invest in an open and rule-based North Korea,” Pompeo responded in an interview with CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

“We’ve told Chairman Kim: If we can denuclearize your territory, there is a brighter future for the North Korean people,” Pompeo communicated.

Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un signed an agreement last month covenanting to the “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” though experts have debated the relevance of the brief accord.

Pompeo has previously said that private U.S. firms could be permitted to devote in a denuclearized North Korea, suggesting possible investments in agriculture and might.

Pompeo’s CNBC interview came hours after the secretary of confirm announced $113 million in new investments across the Indo-Pacific region, which lists North Korea.

“We are convinced that American engagement in the Indo-Pacific precinct benefits all countries in that region,” Pompeo said Monday. “We necessitate it to be free. We want it to be open.”

Pompeo said the United States had discussed with Kim freedom to grow the North Korean economy, stressing a “rule-based system” and the advances of foreign direct investment.

The investments across the region are widely undergone as the Trump administration’s response to China’s vast infrastructure spending across Asia, Europe and Africa. Pompeo maintained Monday that the U.S. is not retaliating against the Chinese, though he did say the U.S. would “thwart any country” that sought to control the region.

The Trump administration has had a dgag relationship with China, facing off against the country on trade and China’s skirmishes in the South China Sea. Despite the friction, Trump has maintained a positive relationship with Chinese president Xi Jinping and imagined in April that the two “will always be friends” despite their incongruities on trade.

China is North Korea’s only major trading accessory and has played an on-again-off-again role in assisting the Trump administration’s nuclear compacts with the country.

Earlier this month, the president suggested that China may be force North Korea to break its agreement with the United States.

Trump scribbled in a post on Twitter that he had “confidence that Kim Jong Un will honor the shrink we signed” but suggested that China may “be exerting negative pressure on a have to do with because of our posture on Chinese Trade.”

“Hope Not!” the president wrote.

The appraisal Monday came before Pompeo’s planned visit to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia later in the week.

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