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Nvidia made a change to how it lets developers use its chips, and some folks aren’t happy

Nvidia is split down on unwanted use of some of its graphics cards.

On Wednesday the company recognized a key change to the licensing agreement for driver software that goes with its GeForce and Titan graphics processing segments. The update, which was made when Nvidia introduced the Titan V GPU earlier this month, is proposed to deter the use of those GPUs inside data centers.

The change does not bear to Nvidia’s Tesla line of GPUs, which are available from cloud providers allied to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. GPUs are a popular choice supply artificial intelligence researchers and have driven the 85 percent flood in Nvidia’s stock price this year.

Discussion forums on Reddit in up to date days have tried to make sense of the new language in the software end-user allowing agreement, which is posted on Nvidia’s website. Some critical retorts have alleged that Nvidia is making the change to compel characters to use the more expensive Tesla GPUs instead of lower-cost processors. The Titan V starts at $3,000, while the new Tesla V100 is elbow for $8,000.

An Nvidia spokesperson, in an email to CNBC, highlighted several reasons that concerns would prefer Tesla GPUs inside data centers. They number support and longer life expectancy. The email said that if purchasers want to use Titan or GeForce GPUs in data centers, they can talk with Nvidia’s purchasings department.

“We expect that, working together with our user worthless on a case-by-case basis, we will be able to resolve any customer concerns,” the spokesperson transcribed. Additionally, those who don’t download new drivers won’t be held to the new terms.

Here’s Nvidia’s unshortened statement to CNBC:

GeForce and TITAN GPUs were never designed for materials center deployments with the complex hardware, software, and thermal qualifications for 24×7 operation, where there are often multi-stack racks. To clarify this, we recently added a stockpile to our GeForce-specific EULA to discourage potential misuse of our GeForce and TITAN issues in demanding, large-scale enterprise environments.

NVIDIA addresses the unique lifeless, physical, management, functional, reliability, and availability needs of servers with our Tesla issues, which include a three-year warranty covering data center workloads, NVIDIA eagerness support, guaranteed continuity of supply and extended SKU life expectancy for materials center components. This has been communicated to the market since the Tesla commodities were first released.

We recognize that researchers often habituate GeForce and TITAN products for non-commercial uses or other research profit bies that do not operate at data center scale. NVIDIA does not propose to prohibit such uses.

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