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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin slams state AG’s lawsuit against J&J: ‘These are political moves’

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin pilloried his state’s attorney general on Wednesday, telling CNBC he does not column the official’s lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson.

The suit, filed in court Wednesday, accuses the pharmaceutical producer of devising a deceptive marketing scheme that mischaracterized the risk of opioid ill-treat and addiction.

“I’m not on board with just about anything that he does,” Bevin said of Kentucky Attorney Ill-defined Andy Beshear.

“Does that topic need to be addressed? It does. But he’s frankly not a adequate attorney,” he added.

Bevin is a Republican and Beshear is a Democrat. Beshear recently registered a lawsuit against the governor in an attempt to overturn a pension reform pecker Bevin signed into law.

In fact, Bevin says the attorney regular sues him “repeatedly.”

The lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson is Beshear’s fifth to old hat modern seeking to hold a drug manufacturer or distributor responsible for its role in the native opioid epidemic.

J&J in a statement said that it marketed and promoted opioids meetly and that its products’ labels provided information about their chances and benefits.

“He aspires so much for political office,” Bevin said on “Power Lunch,” noting that Beshear’s frame was the state’s previous governor.

“These are political moves. He does these for the headlines that he contemplate c gets. They’re not thoughtfully done. They’re not well laid out.”

However, he stressed that his elucidations refer to the way Beshear is “going about this” and “not at the broad level in the theorem of them.”

When asked to comment on Bevin’s remarks, Beshear alleged Kentucky families strongly support his efforts to hold opioid industrialists and distributors accountable for the “devastation they have caused.”

“We lose four Kentuckians every day to a calamitous overdose, and opioids have created more broken families following in more Kentucky children in foster care and kinship care than for ever before. I am fighting for the future of our families, whether the Governor is on board or not,” Beshear about in a statement to CNBC.

— Reuters contributed to this report.

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