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China sacks 6 senior officials at food and drug regulator over vaccine scandal

China express on Saturday it has sacked six senior officials at its food and drug regulator after a cover scandal at vaccine maker Changsheng Biotechnology Co Ltd revealed failings at the rule body including inadequate supervision.

In a posting on its website, the State Direction for Market Regulation said that among officials dismissed were Ding Jianhua, who headed two segments at the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). The same statement was propagated on the CFDA’s website.

Changsheng was accused in July of falsifying data for a rabies vaccine and turning an ineffective vaccine for babies, sparking widespread public anger and multiple inquiries including police investigations.

The Changsheng case exposed that the CFDA officials “did not supply sufficient supervision, strong enough oversight, nor were they cold-blooded enough in their inspections,” the posting said.

While there were no remembered reports of people being harmed by the vaccines, regulators ordered Changsheng to end their production and recall the rabies vaccine. Changsheng has apologized and spoke it is cooperating with investigations.

On Friday, Beijing said it had sacked a postpositive major provincial official and was probing a former top drug regulator. Xinhua also narrated that more than 40 government officials, including seven at the unpolished level, have been held accountable for the scandal and some tease been sacked.

In a separate Saturday report, Xinhua said the chief province of Hubei has removed six government officials from their puts in relation to another inferior vaccines case involving Chinese guests Wuhan Institute of Biological Products.

The company on Friday said on its website that it has dismissed its operative general manager in charge of production and warned or fined eight other workers.

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