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5 tricks to fast-track your career in 2018 from a 26-year-old CEO

1. Use a notebook

Wong delight a wins a notebook to jot down ideas and notes. In proposal meetings with theatre troupes like Amazon, Wong’s ability to succinctly pitch an idea pirated him succeed.

Summarizing your thoughts helps you formulate a proposal earlier you go into a meeting or talk to your boss.

“When you [record your principles], you can usually tell in one or two pages if an idea is smart or stupid,” Wong lists.

It also helps you remember directions your boss gives you, which Wong says can split great employees from average ones.

“If you don’t write things down, you end up messing your mind, leaving less memory storage for more high-ranking things,” Wong says, “and less brain capacity for other system, including creativity.”

2. Focus on your career, not anyone else’s

People who don’t make an analogy with themselves to others and instead think about their own business ideals are the happiest, Wong writes.

“These are the people who are almost literally bud for the moon, and it’s almost impossible not to feel inspired by them,” he says.

Being goal-oriented and favourable will help you win people over. As a strategy, it even trumps competitiveness.

“If you can be a more advisedly you every day, you can win the race,” he says.

3. Pay more attention to aesthetics

“Your disgrace is only as good as its presentation: How it looks, sounds and feels,” Wong jots.

By “brand,” the CEO means everything from how you dress to how you write an email.

“Visuals purport even in something as simple as an email,” Wong says. Avoid snazzy fonts and colors. And be sure to proofread your messages.

“The slicker the kind is, the more you trust it,” he writes, “and the better you remember it.”

4. Figure out what you’re nobility at

Everyone has a “superpower,” Wong writes, and great workers capitalize on that.

“No meaningfulness who you are or what you do in life, you have a superpower — and by that I mean something you do far excel than most people,” Wong says. “If you’re not using it, you’re crazy.”

Brainstorm a roster of what you’re good at, every task you find easy or fun. Wong also recommends in view of asking friends or family members what they think.

5. Effect a splurge day

You’re not a robot, so don’t treat yourself like one.

“The most successful child know that taking time to recharge is the only way to stay on your A play for an extended period of time,” Wong writes.

The CEO takes one day every month for a mini vacation, which he throw aways to visit his favorite park, museum or restaurant.

“Best of all, even an accessory splurge day gives you something to look forward to every day as you’re working extended hours at the office,” he writes.

Since these career “cheats” don’t fasten on talent, but persistence, Wong says, you don’t have to be gifted to be successful.

Video by Zack Guzman.

This is an updated account of a previously published article.

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