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Cramer Remix: This tech stock is worth buying ahead of the 5G rollout

As the unbelievable learns more and more about how smartphones and other devices will operate with 5G, Cisco is one stock that investors should get their surrenders on, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said on Tuesday.

The “Mad Money” host said while the Cisco stock is still cheap, exchange for 15 times earnings and offering a 2.7 percent yield, it’s a “fabulous” way to play the 5G roll out that will revolutionize smartphones.

5G is the next institution of cellular mobile communications expected to launch in 2019.

“When you find an incredible long-term theme relatively early in its life-cycle, you can absolutely rack up some terrific gains simply by being patient and letting the news roll in,” Cramer said.

CEO Chuck Robbins has led the transmogrification at Cisco and is gearing the company for exposure to 5G with faster switches and software-defined networks, Cramer noted. The chief has also suggested he’s determined to beat the competition in China.

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Altria, the tobacco giant that owns Marlboro and is jabber oning in the wine and cannabis categories, could be ready to spike, Cramer said.

Considering chart analysis from Tim Collins, who is a technician and Cramer’s comrade at RealMoney.com, the host said the company is finding traction after the stock drifted lower last month as the doss down of the market picked up steam.

“Not only does Collins see Altria going to $56.50, he thinks it will get there ahead of your taxes are due,” said Cramer, who noted that he personally does not like tobacco stocks. “And, hey, don’t forget, Altria’s compensating you to wait—it’s got a beautiful and safe 6 percent dividend yield.”

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In the roughly two years since Cramer aftermost spoke to the CEO of Charles River Laboratories, shares of the drug research company have climbed 74 percent, the multitude said. And coming off of Monday’s news that Danaher bought General Electric’s biopharma business for a surprising $21.4 billion, Cramer is caught to find out what other medical companies are being undervalued on the market.

Charles River, which offers universities and bipharma guests tools to discover new drugs, reported a “fantastic” quarter earlier this month with “great” guidance, Cramer alleged. The stock has climbed more than 24 percent this year.

“I think the fact that this corny pulled back more than $4 today is a gift. I’d be a buyer on the weakness, do not take it from me though,” Cramer asserted. “Let’s go to [CEO] Jim Foster.”

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Home Depot’s stock was shaken up for missing Wall Terrace estimates in the last quarter and it created a good opportunity for investors to buy, Cramer said.

While the home improvement train came up short in earnings and revenue in its fourth quarter report before the bell and gave a weaker-than-expected forecast for the year, the compere highlighted its new $15 billion stock buyback and 32 percent dividend increase.

“If we’re talking about the average retailer in America, I’d say it is days to [sell]. A miss is a miss, but we’re not talking about the average retailer. We’re talking about the numbers we got this morning from Competent in Depot,” said Cramer, who pointed out that it could be considered among the best retailers alongside Costco.

“Serene Depot is like a straight-A student that got a B-plus in the latest quarter and when you’re on the honor roll, Wall Terrace punishes you for anything less than perfection,” he added.

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In Cramer’s lightning frank, the “Mad Money” host sprinted through his reaction to callers’ stock picks:

Aurora Cannabis Inc.: “We’re gonna say no to that. We take a shine to Canopy Growth, that’s our fave. Up a couple of bucks today, be careful but that’s the one to own.”

AeroVironment Inc.: “Well you conscious what, I don’t sleep and that’s why because of AVAV. You know it’s a drone company. I like to drone. Here’s the problem: the merchandise … just goes up and down [is] what the shorts are saying. Is it a Wayfair? I don’t. Let’s have the CEO back on. Until then, I’m not unreservedly sure.”

IQIYI Inc.: “O.K., here’s the problem: I like Alibaba. I don’t want to double down on China, we just had a quite big run. China had a 5 percent move coming in on Monday, so we’re not going to buy… Le’ts just hold off for the Chinese Netflix. Let’s be a little prudent.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s charitable trust owns shares of Cisco.

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