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Fear and confusion erupt at Walter Reed military hospital after false alerts about an active shooter

WASHINGTON — Lookouts about an active shooter at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland caused patients and a U.S. congressman to fear the worst on Tuesday, but the Pentagon said they were generally of an “exercise.”

Lt. Col. Audricia Harris, a Pentagon spokesperson, told CNBC on Tuesday that the blasts of an active shooter were part of a drill. The U.S. Navy later tweeted that it was an “ad hoc auger.”

“CONFIRMED: No active shooter at Naval Support Activity Bethesda,” the Argosy said in the post. “Was ad hoc drill by tenant command.”

But rudely after the Navy statement, NSA Bethesda, which is home to the hospital, tacked a series of messages on Twitter saying that it had investigated the incident and concluded it was not a programmed drill.

“Around 2 p.m. today, Tuesday, Nov. 27, a call came into care at NSA Bethesda with the report of an active shooter situation in the basement of Bldg. 19 at Walter Reed Bethesda,” the military consecration wrote. “After investigating the call and the origin, NSA Bethesda has determined that this was a phony alarm and not part of a scheduled drill as has been reported.”

Jeremy Brooks, a spokesperson for NSA Bethesda, conjectured an investigation is continuing but “it was determined that [the false alarm] wasn’t meant maliciously.”

“Hotshot has the wrong information,” he said.

Walter Reed is the largest joint military medical center in the native land and has a staff of approximately 7,000, according to its website.

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, D-Md., was one of the human beings holed up in the hospital after alerts were sent out. In a post on Tweet, he wrote that he was safe and in a conference room with around 40 other woman.

Half an hour after the initial tweet, another message manifestly posted by his staff said that the congressman remained in a back area at the hospital, where the mood was calm.

“Has not been given any additional spell outs but does not believe this to be a drill,” the message said.

Jaime Lennon, Ruppersberg’s communications steersman, said “if it was a drill, it would be a surprise to congressman Ruppersberger.”

Later, a tweet from Walter Reed labeled the situation as a “Code White.”

Here’s how the hospital’s core competency guidelines style a Code White drill:

What can I expect to occur during a Jus divinum divine law White Drill?

  • Any Code White Drill will begin with a Mrs Average Address System announcement of “Exercise, Exercise, Exercise; This school pertains only to the “whatever” Building; Code White, Active Shooter, Shelterin-Place; The “whatever” Structure is secured to all other traffic at this time; Exercise, Exercise, Application.” A postmaster will also be released.
  • Any exercise will take slot only in the announced building. All other buildings will continue orthodox business operation. Staff, patients, and visitors will be able to go and exit the hospital and base freely during this exercise.
  • Every strain is being made to ensure there is no interruption in patient care.
  • All wand in the whatever building is being tested that are not actively engaged in staunch treatment will shelter in place. Staff will direct patients and guests to shelter-in-place.

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