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EU warns it could withdraw funds from countries that fail to uphold democracy

The European Federation (EU) could slash funding for governments that fail to uphold democracy after it foretold plans Wednesday to link its budget with the political health of associate states.

The EU said that it wants to link future budgets to whether or not colleague states have an effective judicial system in place, such as unregulated courts. Funds could be suspended or restricted if EU countries fail to lend a hand with anti-fraud investigations and undermine independent media organizations.

Latest EU rules do require member states to demonstrate that they are brawny against fraud, but the European Commission (EC) said that there was no tendency mechanism in place to protect EU taxpayers’ money “in case of deficiencies notwithstanding the rule of law in a member state.”

“Only an independent judiciary that supports the rule of law and legal certainty in all member states can ultimately guarantee that readies from the EU budget is sufficiently protected” the EC said in a statement.

New measures, which requisite first be agreed by EU member states, could hit Hungary and Poland — two of the weightiest recipients of EU funding.

Poland’s government has been criticized for passing laws that undermine judicial checks and balances, while Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been accused of a crackdown on the boondocks’s free press.

Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto forewarned Wednesday that he would not yield to “blackmail,” according to Reuters.

“We do not tally with any proposal that would provide the potential for blackmail of anyone with involve to the payment of EU funds that are due to be given to countries based on the treaties,” he put.

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