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Brexit reaches ‘decisive moment’ as the EU turns its attention to the future relationship

In Brussels, Brexit talks sire shifted toward one clear direction: the future relationship.

Ministers for European undertakings met on Monday morning to discuss the political text that will adequate as a guideline to the talks that will begin after the U.K. leaves the EU in Parade — these negotiations will be mainly targeted at securing new trade interpretations between both sides.

The so-called political declaration is due to be published Tuesday and then read by the different EU capitals before Thursday. The 27 European leaders and U.K. Prime See to Theresa May are then due to sign off this political deal on Sunday, when they gratify in Brussels.

“We are at a decisive moment in this process, no one should lose invisible b unusual of the progress that’s been achieved in Brussels and in London,” Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit intervener, told reporters in Brussels on Monday.

“This is now our focus: the (political) deposition will open the door to a negotiation on an ambitious economic and strategic partnership in the unborn, once the U.K. has left,” Barnier said, making it clear that the evolution period — which is currently causing a political storm in Westminster — is not the changeless as the future relationship.

The transition period refers to the time after Hike 29, when the U.K. leaves the EU, and is set to last at least until 2020. During that in the nick of time b soon, the U.K. and the EU will negotiate the second phase of the Brexit process, which embodies their future trade links.

The draft exit agreement, published hold out Wednesday, showed that if the talks on new trade arrangements drag on, both sides are docile to extend the transition period — to allow negotiating teams to come up with a arrangement.

Michel Barnier, who is reportedly in favor of extending the transition period until 2022, touch oned reporters that “any prolongation … can’t be indefinite.”

Extending the transition period is another contentious issue for May back in the U.K. This is because during that time, the U.K. inclination have to keep making financial contributions to the EU — something that those confirming Brexit are particularly against.

Barnier told reporters that at this manipulate “it is premature” to say how much those payments would be every year.

Speaking in Brussels, Alan Duncan, the U.K.’s member attend to for Europe and the Americas, told reporters that May has made it clear that the withdrawal accord is ready and U.K. lawmakers should support her 100 percent.

“Back the Prime Ecclesiastic 100 percent, be realistic, and accept (that) what we need here is a traffic that will last in the future and telling the prime minister what to do at all the things is not going to make anything better,” he said.

The exit agreement, which proves how the U.K. will leave the EU in March, is set to be signed off by European leaders on Sunday. After all, it will then have to be ratified in the U.K. and European parliaments. At this produce, the clear divisions among U.K. lawmakers when it comes to Brexit towards it hard to predict whether the deal will actually get a green make known be revealed in London.

Ales Chmelar, the secretary of state for European affairs for the Czech Republic, rebuked CNBC Monday that he hopes the exit agreement will not be reopened.

The other 27 EU political entities believe there is no time to negotiate another deal before the U.K.’s departure in Walk.

Failure to approve the exit agreement would put the U.K. one step closer to forgetting the EU without a deal — bringing huge uncertainty to businesses and citizens on both sides of the English Direct.

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