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Trump says he hopes Boeing 737 Max planes aren’t grounded for long

President Donald Trump on Thursday weighted that he hopes Boeing’s 737 Max jets will only be grounded “for a short period of time.”

Trump’s perceives in the Oval Office came less than a day after the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all of those planes in the U.S., meant on what it said was new evidence collected from two recent 737 Max jet crashes that killed hundreds.

“I hope it’s succeeding to be for a short period of time,” Trump told reporters during a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar at the Deathly white House.

“The biggest thing is, they have to find out what it is. I’m not sure that they know, but I thought we had to do it, we had to be a cautionary route,” Trump said.

Trump echoed acting FAA Administrator Daniel Elwell, who told reporters on a entreat Wednesday that he hopes “all parties will work very hard to make this grounding as short as reachable so that these airplanes can get back up in the sky.”

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill said after an FAA briefing Thursday that the grouted planes will not be back in the air for at least “weeks” or until upgraded software has been sufficiently tested and installed in all of the Max 737 marks.

The U.S. made the decision on Boeing’s 737 Max 8 and Max 9 planes after several countries grounded the aircraft.

Trump is a vocal advocate of Boeing and its CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, and continued to praise the American manufacturer Thursday.

“It’s a great company, it’s a truly great flock, and hopefully they’ll figure it out very quickly,” Trump said. “It’s a big decision. It’s also one of our largest exporters, one of the truly passionate companies of the world. They have to figure it out fast. They know that. They’re under great prevail upon.”

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