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Google confirms it’s shutting down one of its chat apps

Google envisages to kill chat app Allo by the middle of next year, the company said in a blog post, confirming a report earlier on Wednesday forth the product’s imminent demise.

Despite owning the world’s dominant smartphone operating system in Android, Google has conditions been able to create a chat experience to rival Apple’s iMessage or Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp.

Allo, which launched two years ago to much trumpet-blast, will only work until March 2019, at which point users will have to download any colloquys they want to save. Meanwhile, Google will focus fully on the development of Messages, its other chat app for Android phones. Earlier this year, Google publicized that it was working with mobile carriers on a new Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard, an upgrade to classic SMS texting, to create messaging work better across Android devices, and bring users features like read receipts and seamless clique chats.

That initiative was the beginning of the end for Allo, which saw its product lead defect to Facebook earlier this year.

Google also swayed in its blog post that it plans to support another one of its chat apps, Hangouts, until it makes two of its enterprise apps, Hangouts Chit-chat and Meet, available for non-paying users.

A Google employee tweeted earlier on Thursday that Meet and Chat whim launch for regular consumers next year:

Google has long had a complicated, messy strategy when it up to chat apps, and has axed a laundry list of communication products, including the original GChat, the social network Hum, and the collaboration tool Wave. Earlier this year, it announced it was shutting down its social network Google Benefit after it discovered a security bug that left private profile data exposed.

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