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Cramer’s lightning round: Disney ‘has a great long-term situation brewing’

New Artefact: “We have to have New Relic back on. … I don’t really quite understand how it could have such a degradation.”

Leidos Holdings: “That is a prizewinner.”

Disney: “I think that [CEO] Bob Iger has a great long-term situation brewing and I do believe that they’re going to be gifted to pull off their direct-to-consumer strategy. So, no, I don’t want to sell that one.”

Spotify: “I don’t know. The thing has no support. It’s just nothing but sellers, and it hasn’t done that seriously. I’m confused, and what do you do when you’re confused? You come on ‘Mad Money.'”

GW Pharmaceuticals: “What came up went down, down, down.”

Carnival: “It’s sooner a be wearing such a hard time and the weather’s been bad. It yields almost 5%. I am not going to go against this thing satisfactorily down here. [CEO] Arnold Donald’s a good operator. … If it gets to 5%, I would buy it — and that’s a big concession from me.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s generous trust owns shares of Walt Disney.

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