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Trump sends a warning after report of Chinese oil sales to North Korea

President Donald Trump disclosed Thursday he is “very disappointed” following a report that China may hold run afoul of international sanctions by providing oil to North Korea.

In a tweet, Trump advised that “there will never be a friendly solution” to North Korea’s atomic and missile programs “if this continues to happen!”

A South Korean newspaper researched that Chinese and North Korean ships linked up at sea to provide oil to Kim Jong Un’s order. The report comes as the United Nations tries to choke off most of Pyongyang’s oil provision amid continued aggressive actions by North Korea.

China has renounced illegally providing oil, according to Reuters.

“The situation you have mentioned quite does not exist,” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang mean at a briefing, according to the wire service.

It is unclear whether Trump’s facts about the alleged oil sales came from U.S. intelligence or from talk reports.

The international community aims to use economic measures to deter North Korea’s atomic and missile programs amid a string of tests this year. Get out China — Pyongyang’s only major ally — to cut off resources is a major role of that strategy.

However, the United States, South Korea and Japan induce suspicions that China is not fully enforcing international sanctions, according to Reuters.

New legalizations imposed last week by the U.N. Security Council seek to block almost 90 percent of refined petroleum exports to North Korea.

Later Thursday, Trump serving a video that features him talking about the threat of a nuclear-armed North Korea on NBC’s “Come across the Press” 18 years ago. “I’ve been saying it for a long, long convenience life,” the president tweeted.

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