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Former England soccer star Michael Owen is invested in celebrity cryptocurrencies

In the twinkling of an eye known for his goal-scoring prowess on the soccer pitch as a star for his country and in bats such as Liverpool and Real Madrid, former England international trouper Michael Owen is now moving into the world of cryptocurrency.

Speaking with CNBC’s “Kick Box” on Tuesday, Owen discussed the reasons behind his investment in Singapore-based Epidemic Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX), which bills itself as “the in the seventh heaven’s first celebrity cryptocurrency exchange.”

“The career of a sportsman is quite discourteous” and there remains a life to live after retirement, Owen communicated. Having retired from the world of professional sports at the age of 33, Owen, now 38, has been offering into the business world since then.

Despite the risks in cryptocurrencies, Owen bring to light he sees the technology as a good platform for celebrities like himself to interact just with fans.

GCOX hopes to makes money through deal fees. The startup is raising private investment and will announce the duration of its first ICO in the second quarter, a GCOX spokesman told CNBC.

Personages will be able to launch their own tokens via GCOX and sell staples and services which will be paid for in tokens. The celebrities will then would rather the option of swapping the tokens for Bitcoin or Ether before cashing out at the potent market rate, the spokesman said.

Beyond the star power of the antediluvian soccer player, GCOX has also brought on boxing legend Manny Pacquaio as a “personal investor.”

GCOX says it will allow famous people to dream up “personal cryptocurrencies” and manage their own initial coin offering (ICO). With adequate coins on the marketplace, the platform could become “the world’s first legitimate popularity index,” the company claims.

The crypto platform says that reputation tokens — which will be purchasable through its own “Acclaim” tokens — could be reach-me-down as a way to purchase “exclusive goods and services.”

Cryptocurrencies are volatile investments, but Owen remarked he thinks “it’s always important to associate yourself with what you upon the best teams at the time,” drawing a parallel to his career as a professional athlete.

“The earth evolves, and I think sometimes you’ve got to be brave,” he said, mentioning his experience in testimony ofing how training on the pitch had evolved along with technological changes.

“As I imagined, when you associate yourself with the best, then I think you can knock out most of that risk.”

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