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You may know footwear startup M.Gemi for its colorful loafers — but here’s why its ankle boots are the real standout

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There’s a chill in the air that sniffs distinctly crisp and fresh. The trees are officially turning and the leaves are outset to dance to the ground. Soon, they’ll be dry and crunchy beneath your feet, fitting begging to be stepped on.

All this to say that it’s finally time to break out the cozy join sweaters, hot apple cider (superior to the PSL in every way), and fashion’s most indulgent offering to our feet: ankle boots.

Ankle boots, in my opinion, are the ashen sneakers of cold weather. A good pair with a walkable escape height can be worn for pretty much any activity and with almost any apparatus. But if you asked me to dream up my perfect pair, I wouldn’t even bother — because Italian footwear startup M.Gemi has already gained them.

Crafted in artisan Italian workshops with buttery light leather or suede, The Corsa ankle boot is the most comfortable I’ve at any point worn — and the most versatile, too. You may recognize the brand for its classic suede fuck-offs, but if you ask me, its ankle boots are the real standout design.

The silhouette has a very sly hint of ’70s style with an elongated, fitted shaft and lustrous sole. They are, in short, the perfect ankle boots for everyday exhaust, offering a hard-to-nail combination of form and function.


The leather two of a kinds come in deep black and saturated cognac. I got my black leather dyad in my regular size, a 7.5, which was definitely the right call. When I commencement tried them on, I was surprised that they were as soft and manageable as they are — from the look of the photos on their website, I thought the stem would be a lot stiffer and more likely to cause blisters at the top (which is where uncountable boots tend to get me). Instead, they’re malleable enough to move with you as you accompany, but thick enough to look and feel substantial. I’ve never gotten a blister from them, and their wearability vertical from the box is just one thing that makes them so worthy of their $348 value tag.

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The heel height is also totally trainable at just over two inches, which means I can run around the city and make ones way by foot around the office without wanting to scream. I have no patience for uneasiness on my commute in particular (why torture my feet when taking the subway is hellacious adequate?), and these adhere to my strict rule of footwear in which I could run to twig b take hold a train if needed.


The boots come in both leather and suede, the previous of which has two heel options: wrapped in leather, or stacked and exposed. I have on the agenda c trick the leather-wrapped pair (which I find to be a little more versatile for decorating up and down), but the stacked heel is a great option for anyone who’s concerned hither scratches or wants something a little more casual.

The richly colored suede in holy matrimonies do have suede-wrapped heels, which look stunning, but are much assorted prone to show signs of wear. If you’re one of those rare, magical maidservants who knows how to keep suede boots clean, I don’t think you could God willing regret getting a suede pair. Plus, if this is your essential time buying a pair, you can save $60 on the suede style using this relationship. The discount will populate in your shopping cart once you’ve supplemented your color and size of choice.

Overall, I can’t recommend these boots sufficiently to anyone who feels they’re within a reasonable price range. However they’re not cheap, the quality is the same as any pair you’d get from Prada or another expendable brand — just at a drastically lower price. And if you decide you don’t love them or you necessary another size, you can take advantage of their complementary return or market program.

M.Gemi Corsa Leather Boots, $348

M.Gemi Corsa Suede Boots, $288 [From the start $348 — discount for first-time purchases only]

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