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6 details you may have missed on Sunday’s ‘The Walking Dead’

Tara key came across the all-female group on season seven’s sixth chapter. Cyndie and the other Oceanside members have been reluctant to assist kill Negan’s men because they claimed he had all of their men killed.

“We got into a scrum with another group. None of them made it and we lost others, too,” the then-Oceanside bandleader Natania told Tara. “We left our old home with just the clobbers on our backs and then we found this place.”

That’s right. It sounds same the Oceanside crew previously lived inside the Sanctuary and were tracked out by Negan’s crew when they took it over. It’s reminiscent of how the Governor went — and failed — to take over the prison Rick held back in mature four.

Steven Ogg told INSIDER he wished he knew about this party when he was first brought on to play Simon.

“These are the things that are fascinating surprises for the actor. Because yeah, it obviously … It would then split on what you’re doing,” said Ogg. “If I would’ve known, let’s say, from the get-go, from the uncommonly first time we see Simon, if I was told, ‘OK, Simon’s the guy that a year ago, went and butchered every male at this outpost, at this community,’ if I was told that a year ago … OK, purpose I have played Simon so kind of cocky, and infusing him with a perception of humor? I don’t know. I might have chosen, from the get-go, to depict him as a terrible, psychotic, dark, twisted killer, and not worried about people confine him, if this role was that of chaos, destruction, and death from the get-go.”

You can look over our full interview with Ogg here and read more about the Oceanside merrymaking here.

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