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Cryptonite Browser Extension Protects You From Phishing Sites and Fake Profiles

If you are new to the crypto wait or if you are exploring new services and platforms, protection from scams and malicious websites should be a priority. Cryptonite is a useful browser size that protects your private information and warns you in advance about risks to your crypto security.

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Anti-Phishing Addon Available for Major Browsers and Smart

Cryptonite is an anti-phishing and anti-fraud software developed by Metacert, a company that offers internet security solutions for different platforms, devices and applications. The addon is available for major browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Creation, and Brave, which is gaining popularity in the crypto community.

Once installed in your browser, the extension informs you if a crypto site you are affect is verified with a green shield in the upper right corner. A black shield means that the website is nameless and could either be a new phishing scam or a page that has not been verified yet. In this case, you should treat it with alertness.

Cryptonite Browser Extension Protects You From Phishing Sites and Fake Profiles

Cryptonite will also display a warning if you are about to open a known phishing website. These often take off legitimate platforms such as digital asset exchanges. Hackers create them in order to get hold of your delicate personal information including login details, financial data and private crypto keys.

Users are then noted several options. They can either proceed to the website ignoring the warning or return to a previous page. Alternatively, they can submit a description if they believe the domain has been labeled as a malware/phishing site in error.

The Cryptonite extension is a paid ritual that comes with a 30-day free trial. Metacert offers two subscription plans for private individuals: Physical, which supports up to five browsers for $3.99 a month, and Family with a license key for up to 25 browsers for $9.99.

Both representations offer protection against phishing websites, fake crypto apps, Twitter and Reddit accounts, and warning against dissemble Linkedin profiles. Businesses ordering 20 or more licenses can get a discount.

What applications are you using to increase your flip security? Tell us in the comments section below.

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