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Crypto Manga – Comic Book Series to Spread Cryptocurrency Awareness


The first issue of a crypto comic book series called Shonen Crypto has been manumitted. Readers can learn about various aspects of cryptocurrencies as they make good the characters in this manga which aims to be both educational and pleasant. News.Bitcoin.com talked with the comic book’s Editor-in-Chief to learn uncountable.

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Manga Dedicated to Crypto

Crypto Manga - Comic Book Series to Spread Cryptocurrency AwarenessShonen Crypto will be published “every three weeks or one month,” author “Editor-in-Chief Taro” told news.Bitcoin.com. According to him, this is the basic comic book series focusing only on cryptocurrencies. “I never be told there are any [other] comic books about crypto,” he claims.

Currently, the series is only at ones disposal online but Taro hopes that it will get published as physical tickets in the future. “I would like people to read it at cafes or many crypto circumstances,” he shared. The first issue has partially been translated from Japanese into English at the at all times of this writing, and there are plans to produce music and music videos thither crypto based on this comic as well.

Initially, there were 10 people stir on this manga; they created the first issue. Now, there are 20 fellows performing different roles. “Someone can draw pictures, someone can heighten information about shitcoins, someone can create songs, and someone can show up videos,” Taro elaborated and explained the reasons for starting the series:

I in need of everyone to know crypto and its potential. Recently, I feel that the swarm of active users of crypto is decreasing, and I often hear doubts hither crypto.

Citing that “there are still lots of scams” relating to cryptocurrencies, he the hang ofs why some people are skeptical but reiterated that “It is not a good situation for crypto.” Thus, through manga, he hopes to properly introduce crypto and its technology to the scores. Although “there are already lots of articles about crypto,” he notable that they contain “only lots [of] words” and, in Japan, the “scads usually don’t read such articles.”

Six Parts

Crypto Manga - Comic Book Series to Spread Cryptocurrency AwarenessBitcoin Senpai.

The chief issue has six parts. The first part is called “Crypto Heroes,” which is a gest about Bitcoin Senpai who leads other crypto characters in match with fiat characters. “The fiat characters of Crypto Heroes are USD, JPY, and EUR,” Taro revealed, reckoning that there will be a greater variety of characters in the near subsequent.

The second part introduces “what happens in the Bitcoin world (sedulousness)” with a character named “Crypto-kun.” In the first issue, this feature teaches about the Mcafee Pump, Mt Gox, the “Bitconnect Scam,” and Zaif’s glitch that sanctioned users to buy BTC at 0 yen.

The third part is “the introduction of masternodes, which includes the lifecycle of masternodes” and investment communication.

The fourth part is “a gag (comedy) manga” which features a common schoolgirl, Karen, who “learns with regard to Bitcoin with Hakase,” a Japanese word referring to a professor. “He school ins Karen what crypto is and how to trade crypto, but he always makes miscalculations and decreases his funds,” the Editor-in-Chief detailed.

The fifth part is a story wide two girls studying BTCFX. The sixth part is about Dapps and how to use them on smartphones, Taro conveyed.

Disclaimer: Bitcoin.com is not decision-making, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in link with the use of or reliance on any information in this comic book series. Readers should do their own due diligence in the future taking any actions related to the content.

What do you think of this jocular book series? Do you want to see more crypto manga? Let us know in the comments sample below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Shonen Crypto.

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