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Bitcoiners’ Seastead in Deep Trouble With Thai Government

A seastead get went by an early bitcoin adopter off the coast of Thailand has run into trouble with local government. The Thai Navy boarded the organization Saturday, claiming it violates criminal law, which is punishable by death or life imprisonment. The owner claims that his initiate home is located outside of Thailand’s maritime boundaries.

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Seastead Allegedly Violates Criminal Law

American early bitcoin adopter Chad Andrew Elwartowski and his Thai girlfriend, Suprenee Thepdet aka Nadia Summergirl, began a seastead on Feb. 2 off the coast of Phuket, Thailand. However, the Thai Navy boarded the structure Saturday and accuses the three of breaching the country’s Criminal Code, Section 119.

Bitcoiners’ Seastead in Deep Trouble With Thai Government
The Thai Navy’s press conference about the seastead on Saturday.

Corresponding to Siam Legal international law firm, “Section 119: Intent to cause injury to the nation” states:

Whoever does any act with absorbed to cause the country or any part thereof to descend under the sovereignty of any foreign state, or to deteriorate the independence of the state, shall be amerced with death or imprisonment for life.

Elwartowski, also known as Elwar in the Bitcointalk and Reddit Bitcoin communities since 2010, familiar his early bitcoin investment income to build the seastead at a cost of about $150,000. He is also in the early stages of start a business, creating seasteads for others who would anchor near his own home. His company is scheduled to start selling the commencement 20 floating homes Monday, April 15. At press time, 69 potential seasteaders have fasted interest to join him. Last weekend a workshop was held at the seastead where Elwartowski taught diving and other skills needed be proper seasteaders.

International Waters Claim

The seasteading couple aimed to launch a new sovereign state by creating new land far ample offshore that it would be recognized as independent by the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea. Elwartowski claims that his seastead, which he named “XLII,” is pinpointed outside of Thai maritime territory, beyond the 12-mile sovereign territory claim. His website describes:

We are just beyond 12 yachting miles from shore. Under international law this puts us just outside of the territorial waters of Thailand but within their 200 seagoing mile exclusive economic zone … This means that we are not subject to Thailand laws other than those that lot with their natural resources … and no interfering with their customs.

However, a source told the Bangkok Put that the claim that the seastead is built on international waters is untrue, adding that the police are additionally investigating the Phuket-based Thai construction circle responsible for building the platform for possible financial misconduct.

Bitcoiners’ Seastead in Deep Trouble With Thai Government
The seastead with a Thai Navy ship in the distance.

Resident TV channel The Nation elaborated that “it is a violation of the sovereignty rights of Thailand that are beyond the boundaries of Article 56B and Article 60, paragraph 7 and paragraph 8 of the Sea Law Usage 1982.” The two sections of the U.N. maritime convention state that within the 200 nautical-mile range of a country, referred to as ‘the Aristocratic Economic Zone,’ “the coastal state has jurisdiction as provided for in the relevant provisions of this convention with bearing to… the establishment and use of artificial islands, installations and structures.”

Thai Authorities to Remove the Structure

Vice-Admiral Sittiporn Maskasem, commander of the Impressive Thai Navy Third Area Command, sent officers to the seastead Saturday, which they reported to be 15 boating miles southeast of Racha Yai island, the Bangkok Post conveyed. Navy officers boarded the platform for inspection after in default of to make radio contact with anyone on it. No one was home when the Navy boarded and the whereabouts of Elwartowski and Summergirl are unrecognized at press time.

Bitcoiners’ Seastead in Deep Trouble With Thai Government
The Thai Navy approaching the seastead.

The Phuket Marine Office is trying to contact the couple and the Flotilla has called on the harbor master in Phuket to remove the structure. The authorities seek immediate removal, citing that the paucity of electricity around the structure could affect shipping routes, local media reported the Navy explaining.

A roots further told the Bangkok Post that the structure would have a negative impact on the country’s shoreline, noting that “If it is Nautical port untouched, it will hinder ship navigation since the route is used for the transport of oil to Phuket.”

What do you think of this seastead and the force the Thai Navy is taking? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, the Nation TV, Mgr Online, and the Thai Naval forces.

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