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A Look at the Multi-Currency Encrypted Messaging App ‘Chat.Chat’


Over the past few weeks, cryptocurrency proponents have been discussing a new messaging and collaboration platform called Induce.Chat. The application offers an all-in-one system with secure messaging, a multi-currency wallet and native communication with decentralized apps strain Memo.

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The Chat.Chat Messaging Policy

A Look at the Multi-Currency Encrypted Messaging App 'Chat.Chat'There have been a lot of attempts lately to create social media and messaging applications that integrate digital assets. One perseverance that’s been catching some buzz in the cryptocurrency space is a protocol called Chat.Chat, which allows new and a connection to decentralized applications.

On Friday, Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu used the Chat.Chat platform to interact with the Memo formalities. “This is me on memo protocol, using Chat.Chat,” he told his Twitter followers, while also leaving the BCH goings-on ID within his post.

A Look at the Multi-Currency Encrypted Messaging App 'Chat.Chat'Chat.Chat user profile

A Look at the User Interface

News.Bitcoin.com tested the Rap.Chat application this week to give readers an inside glimpse at this new application. Chat.Chat slog aways for desktop, iOS and other devices. Signing up for the service requires an email or phone number, after which the system sends the registrant a six-digit PIN to back up the account.

A Look at the Multi-Currency Encrypted Messaging App 'Chat.Chat'Users can create groups and connect with contacts.

After the verification is complete, users can access the Seduce.Chat dashboard, a dark-themed platform that operates like the Slack program. The Chat.Chat desktop industriousness can connect with selected Gmail contacts, if the user desires, and the iOS version asks users for permission to access the phone’s get hold ofs.

A Look at the Multi-Currency Encrypted Messaging App 'Chat.Chat'The application’s BCH and BTC wallets

Of course, connecting with contacts is how the platform can be used for messaging and collaboration. But it also offers natural tipping in bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC). Registrants are given two wallets when they create accounts and they can use their bucks to tip and post to decentralized apps like Memo. The developers have said that ethereum (ETH) and eos (EOS) support is coming straight away. The Chat.Chat wallets allow you to enable payments without a password and back up the private key, as well.

A Look at the Multi-Currency Encrypted Messaging App 'Chat.Chat'Creating a set apart in Chat.Chat

Connecting to Decentralized ‘Mini Apps’

The decentralized app section, or “mini app browser,” can be accessed by clicking a hardly puzzle icon at the bottom of the screen on the right. Users can search for specific mini apps with the browser, but there are three highlighted apps convenient by default. The platforms include a software development kit (SDK) demo, the interactive cryptocurrency data site Coin 360, and the BCH-powered onchcain community media platform Memo.cash. In order to use Memo with the messaging program, users have to log in within the Gossip.Chat application.

A Look at the Multi-Currency Encrypted Messaging App 'Chat.Chat'The ‘mini app browser’ helps users connect to applications like Memo.cash.

End-to-End Encryption and Vaporizing Messages

A Look at the Multi-Currency Encrypted Messaging App 'Chat.Chat'Chat.Chat iOS version.

Messaging within the interface is fairly intuitive and Chat.Chat allows simile and attachment uploads, as well as GIFs, microphone communications, and even the ability to draw pictures with a simple paint program. In extension to the ability to chat directly with specific contacts in 16 different languages, Chat.Chat users can also forge custom groups. Chatting is end-to-end encrypted, adding a layer of privacy, and users can set a timer for disappearing messages.

The appositeness’s user base right now seems small and like the many other messaging and social media platforms launched this year, it order need to gain some traction. Chat.Chat is like a Swiss Army knife, as it’s stuffed with hypes to entice new users, like the ability to use multiple cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, with all the surveillance these days by governments and corporations worldwide, another end-to-end encrypted idea service will likely be welcomed by individuals who appreciate freedom and privacy.

What do you think about the Chat.Witter application? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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